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TNBO Vlogs – Your girl is on Youtube

So i started a YouTube channel earlier this year, it was consistent until i started noticing the quality of my camera was below par. That really discouraged me so i literally stopped because i couldn’t bear the quality, it made me cringe. I recently stumbled upon a few quotes which said ‘there is no better time than now’ ‘a year from now you would wish you started today’ ‘use what you have to get what you want’ & i just thought it was me these quotes were referring to.

Anytime i watched YouTube videos i would wish i could continue, but my limitations stopped me. Anyway enough ranting I’m here to say IM BACK like i never left, but we all know i did lol!

I posted a video on my YouTube a few days & I would love for you to watch, like & subscribe.

I promise to be consistent in uploading have a look below:


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