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What song to dance to for your first dance?


I went to a wedding last week and the couple used the popular throwback tune ‘Yahooze by Olu Maintain for their first dance. As soon as the siren intro started everyone got up and started dancing and throwing their yahoo fingers up. The couple were really digging it they even danced more than they did for praise and worship; they too had their two fingers in the air throwing the Yahozee sign up.

Yahozee ke? Maybe they wanted to let us in on their occupation cause me I’m not understanding.

I was thinking in my mind that the song was quite inappropriate for a first dance, maybe they wanted to do a mish mash of songs and a slower one would play after so I decided to wait for the DJ maybe he will cut off the song and play a slower one for the actual first dance. My wait was in vain because after Yahooze the DJ went into Work by Rihanna, at this point uncles were coming to spray the moneyyyyy. I waited again maybe the DJ will end the music with a slow jam  but my guy ended with 30 billion for the akkanttt oo after the music the couple took a bow and went to their seat.

I always thought the first dance was a moment for newlyweds to dance to a memorable song, a moment they celebrate their first dance together. But I guess any song can mean anything to anybody at any time whether it’s fast or slow. Who knows, maybe they met each other at work or maybe the groom is a self-employed businessman taking part in some activities.

It took me a while to choose our first dance song, mainly because all the songs hubby and I like are mainly afrobeats. We finally decided to go for Big Mummy Celine Dion – Because you loved me.

Celine Dion

For some, choosing first dance songs is like picking a name for a baby: a long-winded process that often involves endless internet searches. Whatever you choose be it fast or slow, in English or not, nothing matters as long as it means something memorable to you.

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