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Women turn into crooks and criminals because of aso-ebi


I cant believe there is actually a movie called aso-ebi……

Even though I said I didn’t want any aso-ebi for my wedding, my mother insisted and got her way. She believes if there is no aso-ebi at a wedding then the wedding will not be colourful… ok ma whatever floats your boat. I just can’t stand aso-ebi drama because no matter how much you try to be civil, there is always one stubborn she goat that wants to prove difficult. They either don’t like the colour or pattern and instead of them to pass and not bother collecting it; they will start telling people the material is ugly. I dislike the fact that women can fall out over aso-ebi, I dislike the fact that some women turn into crooks and criminals because of aso-ebi.

Anyway the aso-ebi for my wedding came out yesterday, and people were given the price and a picture of the material, I heard the funniest thing yesterday……

One aunty called my mum to tell her she is doing it all wrong. ‘Noooo Iya Sandra ( fake name) you are doing it wrong ma, you have been in London too long we don’t do it like that anymore, what we now do is that you give people the material then they pay later on”

What is this woman saying? Do you go to the shop pick what you like and then pay for it when you have worn it? I’m trying to understand her logic can someone helps me to understand! Those people who think because you live in the abroad that you no sabi your culture again– abeg park well.

So we should give you material and start chasing you to pay for it. That’s how some will take the material and wear it with the intention of not paying. Aunty we are smarter than that, my mum kindly told her to jabo from her phone because she got the wrong number.

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