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Will nagging make him pick up his towel from the floor?

Reality occurs when you move in with your partner: Your lover—the very same one you couldn’t wait to see every day, the cockroach in your cupboard—is suddenly also the person who leaves their damp towel on the floor and puts the empty milk carton back in the fridge LOL!!. These minor irritations can grow into serious annoyances over time, leaving you far angrier than the situation warrants.
I feel in pre-marriage counselling couples should be asked to discuss living arrangements and household expectations. No one should be surprised six months into a living arrangement that his or her partner is a messy bug.
Hubby likes to leave his shoes and jackets in the living room. He’s excuse for why he did this was because leather shoes need to be aired out, or he might use the jacket later that day, etc. Before ooo, me I used to nag the hell out of him, but no change was happening. I decided that Instead of nagging him, I should let it go and simply put them away myself without any ceremony and as cheerfully as I could. I can only imagine that he started to feel guilty about continuing to leave these things out for me to put away because he changed his habit shortly afterwards.
Problem solved without any further discussion!
The solution is simple: Don’t let anger over small things fester. If you’re already in a living arrangement and are disappointed by your partner’s level of order, you need to have a conversation. Yelling and nagging behaviour isn’t productive and damages the relationship, men do not respond well to that, actually nobody responds well to nagging. Having a calm, sincere, and respectful conversation has the possibility of yielding powerful results.
All nagging says is: “I believe you are an idiot and I think I have the right to constantly tell you that you’re an idiot.” No one responds well to that message.

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