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Why do some men choose to stay single rather than get married?


This one today is for the mandem. I was watching a show this morning and the topic was discussing why Nigerian bachelors are scared to get married.

A lot of callers suggested that bachelors in our society are not financially stable to look after themselves talk less of another person, and to add the cost of a wedding on top of it just makes guys want to chill out.

Another person said, women now a days are so cheap. Why pay for the cow when you can get the milk for free. Woman will be playing wifey duties to a guy who they truly know is not their committed partner. They will cook, clean and some even move in with a man. There is no reason for him to rush and marry you when he is getting all the pleasures for free.

One day I was gisting with a male friend and he explained that a typical bachelor living in Lagos, has so many expenses that the last thing he wants to put on his head is wedding expense. Paying rent alone in this Lagos is a killer and one must buy a car to move around.

He went on to say, it’s not like some men don’t want to get married, but finding a correct babe in this day and age is tuff. Most ladies want a readymade man where their father was and is not ready made.

He was gisting me about some of his friends, who, after spending millions of Naira on their wedding day only enjoyed the marriage for a few months after which they split up.

People go into a marriage building castles in the sky. The don’t realise that you need to be emotionally ready not just physically or financially.

So what is the main cause for bachelors remaining bachelors and is there ever a time when you are actually ‘ready’.

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