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Who will read my acceptance letter?


The Yoruba traditional marriage ceremony can actually be compared to a well put together dignified carnival. At the wedding, both families are represented by hired spokespeople called ‘Alagas’. The Alagas play the role of a compere for the ceremony. They achieve this by keeping guests entertained and coordinating the day, did I mention extorting money from people whichever way they can.

To kick off the marriage rites, the Alaga Idoro (grooms side spokesperson) presents the proposal letter to the Alaga Ijoko (bride’s side spokesperson) on behalf of the groom’s family. What this basically means is, prior to the day the groom’s family writes a proposal letter to the bride’s family asking her hand in marriage. The acceptance letter presented by the bride’s family is a reply to the proposal letter.

Nowadays, the letters could be on a plaque, certificate or a scroll. This letter is then read out by a younger female representative of the bride’s family, such as the younger sister or cousin.

So I have a question, someone like me who has no sisters only brothers and isn’t really close to any of my cousins, who will now read the letter?

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2 thoughts on “Who will read my acceptance letter?

  1. You can have a female cousin or relative read your letter on behalf of your family. My cousin (my uncle’s daughter) read the acceptance letter from our family to my brother-in-law’s family.

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