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Should he pay for my dress?


The line of who pays for what for weddings these days is definitely blurred. But if you or your parents want to stick to tradition (or just want to know the way it used to go for reference), I know there are very strict guidelines for who should pay for what.

So I’m Nigerian, Yoruba to be precise, from Kwara State to be even more precise, and where I’m from the Bride’s family funds most or almost everything concerning the wedding. However today I heard some sweet gist that the groom pays for the brides wedding dress!!! Yoruba brides, traditional people, people who still know their culture and heritage, I need confirmation!! Because if that’s true I need him to get me a Jacy Kay dress! that is currently trending online! Hehehe….

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  1. Yes if you want to. This should be about you. Or you can buy it if you can afford it. But if you are saying no to him buying it should be because you are shouldering it not your parents. Just my opinion 😊. Mine I added what his side gave me to rent a gown with what I had to sew the dress I wanted so it would be useful afterwards 🙌😊😁

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