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Where we went to for our Honeymoon

Immediately after the wedding the next expected thing on the list to strike of is the ‘HONEYMOON’

Two months before my wedding it dawned on me that we actually hadn’t put anything in place for our honeymoon no plans were made,  and it felt like we were going to be staying in the four corners of our house in Ogudu, Lagos, Nigeria, West Africa.

I tell a little lie, we did do a quick research into Obudu Ranch in Calabar and the reviews were quite off-putting. I’m glad we actually didn’t take the risk because a couple friend of ours who also got married on the same day as us, went to Obudu Ranch for their honeymoon and they said it was the worst experience they’d ever had.

On Sunday (day after our wedding) good old Uncle Tunde called and when I picked up he immediately said ‘Oh you are still in Nigeria, I thought your phone will be ringing international ring tone by now’ I could hear the disappointment in his voice. Next thing we know, word had got around that we were still in the country and that is how family members came to greet us every day of the week.

Even though we were still in the country, I feel the week after the wedding should be left uninterrupted for the couple right?

By Wednesday when our foodstuff had finished due to serving guests, we started thinking if we should look for somewhere to disappear to for a short break. To be honest money wasn’t the issue; it just didn’t feel right at the time to go on honeymoon straight after the wedding. I have friends who went on their honeymoon 3 months after, some 6 months after; some never even went on honeymoon.

Anyway, we eventually decided to go on honeymoon, we went into hiding, somewhere in West Africa, Nigeria to be precise, Lagos to be exact… we moved from the main room of our house  to the other room in our house and switched of our phones. I even diverted my calls to my UK line so it would appear I was out of town.


It was a fun quiet few days alone, we reminisced on the wedding, what went wrong and what went well. We planned for the future, we ate out every night, didn’t bath till night time, got drunk had lots of adult time, we went house shopping, ate junk food and to top everything up … NEPA gave us continuous light whoop whoop!

We will be travelling in December so we thought it best to keep our money till then and concentrate on more important things. Now we feel refreshed and ready to do this thing called life TOGETHER!

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