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When your make-up artist changes your identity


Happy Sunday beauts!!

Chai I’m just here thinking, life is full of big, confusing questions oo.  You now add wedding planning and the questions of life turn into major decisions. I have a life changing decision ahead of me which is ‘Who do I pick to do my make-up? Yes, this is a life changing decision because I don’t want any MUA who will come and change my identity on my wedding day all in the name of slaying my makeup, my husband will now be looking for his bride.

How on earth do you pick a make-up artist for what is arguably the biggest day of your life?

I have seen so many make up transformation images on social media which have freaked me out. Yes I want to look beautiful and I want for my make-up to look different from my day to day make up, HOWEVER I’m not down for no 360 degrees transformation nonsense. I’m looking for a makeup artist that can enhance my beauty that’s all, I’m not ugly I’m very happy with how baba God created me so I don’t need anybody transforming me into someone else #kolewerk #osheyyyyy

Finding a really good make-up artist is hard, especially these days that everyone is looking for cash or Instagram likes here and there and everyone is now a makeup artist because they have a few technique beauty blenders and Black up foundation in their closet.

As a bride, everyone will be staring at my makeup, and they will say ‘wow’ if it is nice, and if it isn’t, then I know there will be a million hate comments on the gram if my pic finds itself to Instagram.

So far, I have interest in the following MUAs, I really like their work:


Beauty and the beholder

Anita brows  (she needs to slow down on the highlighter though)

It’s once in a lifetime and believe it or not but your makeup is a major affair because it’s your wedding day! You want to look as beautiful as possible on this big day. I don’t want to look back at those pictures and show my kids and they don’t even recognise who mummy is!

Decisions, decisions, decisions!

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