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Q:How Much Is This? A:What’s Your Budget?

What’s your budget? Three words I hate hearing. In business, I feel like the right and normal practise is to have a price list. Creating a price list is an essential part of any business. You and your employees need to have a clear set of prices to consult and rely upon. Apart from that the customer can see what you charge instead of the daunting experience of looking for a quote. People like me don’t have patience, my attention span is low so once a pricelist is not accessible within 5 mins I literally move onto another service provider.

I have noticed that when I ask some vendors for their price list the response I get is ‘What’s your budget’

What does that even mean? Whenever I hear this I just switch off and look for someone else. Just state your price and the customer should be free to decide whether or not they can afford your product/ service. I mean I won’t walk into a store and ask the shop assistant how much a particular dress I have interest in is and she will ask me what my budget is, that would be highly bizarre! By being transparent about your pricing you are setting a clear message of what a potential client can expect from you and it also helps potential clients start a discussion with you

By asking customers what their budget is you’re either implying your customer can’t afford the product, or you’re trying to size your customer to see if they will quote a higher or lower budget than what your price actually is so you can play with numbers. Whatever the case may be, all this ‘What’s your budget’ malarkey I’m not down for it and to me it just doesn’t sound right.

Just a tip,  the provision of price list also helps you generate more qualifying leads. Avoid writing “contact us for more details” or ‘Add us on WhatsApp for price info” because that doesn’t answer the questions that brides-to-be like me have in mind.

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