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#WhatiwantedVSwhatigot – Cake Baker

Praiseeeee God!! Finally I get to do a legit #WhatiwantedVSwhatigot this time there is no Iya Dolapo that is spoiling my dress or giving me ancient of day’s beads.

Today I want to share with you my wedding cake pictures. We initially wanted to go with a popular baker who everyone uses; her cakes are beautiful and out of this world but her prices obviously were not speaking our language.  I was quite disappointed because I really wanted her to make my cake because I didn’t feel anybody could make anything as good as what I wanted. I decided to leave cake for a few months and focus on other things, I was sure something would come up, and of course something did.

My Aunty introduced a cake baker to my mum who she highly recommended. First thing first I asked for her business page so I could check out her work. My aunty said she didn’t know her page and wasn’t sure she had one. Hmmm I began to think it was one cake maker who just started up and wanted a platform to shine.

I began to get sceptical because I recently heard of a story from a recent bride who sent a picture of what she wanted to her cake maker, her cake maker reassured her that she knows what she wants. The cake maker event went as far as sending her stolen pictures to pass of as her work. At the wedding what she got was completely different to what she wanted. Colour, design and taste.

Anyway something told me to just go ahead with my auntie’s recommendation and I’m glad I did. What I wanted is definitely what I got! My cake baker did that and MORE! She got every detail to the T and the cake looked super super amazing!!

I’m so glad I went with her, and of course she charged waaay less than what I was previously quoted, in fact more than half. Oh and by the way she does have an Instagram account, check out her page.

Instagram: Flakkiestreat



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