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What to wear on your first night as a wife?


Biko If you’re under 30 please skip this post, I kid, and I kid. Hubs and I always talk about ‘Our wedding night’ He reckons we are going to be busy doing what married couples do, but I keep telling him I think we will be tired from the running around, the planning, the actual wedding day, it will all take a toll on us– mentally, emotionally and physically.

Nervousness is doing me big time ehhhn, asinnn what if my sexy lingerie rips, or I fall off the bed, or I dislike some styles and positions. What if I lie there and do nothing, oh boy too many thoughts come to mind. Most of my friends who got married have said that nothing actually happens on the night of the wedding because you’re either too drunk or just exhausted.

One of my friends actually said that on their wedding night they fought because they still  had vendors balance to pay even though the groom said everyone had been settled, so in that kind of situation there is no way anything will be going down.

Anyway, the reason for this post is because I don’t even know what to wear self. Where do ladies buy sexy lingerie from? Jesus help your daughter.   I want to make it special, but I also don’t want to burden myself with too-high expectations because the reality is that we may just sleep off and start business in the morning.

So I’ve been doing some research online for sexy lingerie and the most popular options are either teddy, baby doll or chemise lingerie. It’s hard to choose, but from what some other recently married friends have told me, just wear something you are comfortable in. Me, I have never worn sexy lingerie before and so I’m definitely not going to be rocking something super over the top and sexy, but something more comfy and that will show off what I think are my best assets.

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All I know is one should wear something you feel confident and comfortable in and not wear things that are difficult to unfasten or take off as that could make things unnecessarily awkward and tense.

Apart from having the right attire, does the mood need to be set? As in, lights, music, aphrodisiac food etc.  I think I would prefer spending the time just relaxing and remembering how wonderful our wedding day was.


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