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Wedding Vendor Has Gone MIA

wedding vendor is mia

When we started planning our wedding 8 months ago, we found the perfect decorating vendor. She was so nice and professional, she returned our calls, she went over and beyond the call of duty, and she was even referring to small girl like me as ‘Ma’. I thought to myself, this woman is amazing, so courteous and on the ball. She was such a breath of fresh air, very different from my many previous experiences with wedding vendors.

We decided to go ahead and give her the contract for the wedding because we were sold not only on her work but her customer service, we paid a 70% deposit as requested to seal the deal.

That’s how for the past 6 weeks aunty has been refusing to pick up our calls. Someone that when then the phone rings once she has picked her phone. We have called her over 200 times within the space of 6 weeks and she isn’t picking. Aunty is alive and kicking because every Saturday like this, she is doing Instagram lives at one wedding or event.


I told my partial wedding planner to call her which she did and she picked up, she was instructed to call us back but she has refused to since. Honestly I’m so confused. I would like to give her the benefit of the doubt, maybe her network is not accepting international calls or she isn’t allowed to make international calls because I’m confused. My mum is even stressed out, this is frustrating.

She was live on Instagram yesterday and I decided to send her a message. She now sent me a private DM in a professional manner. Someone that was calling me ma before oo, she is even part of the hyping club saying ‘Lagos will hear, who no know go no’ now she has disappeared.

Please, if you are at my wedding and there are no decorations in place, you know why. So far, nothing has been accomplished only deposit paid, she doesn’t even have a 100% clue on what it is I exactly want nitori olorun

Why won’t she respond!?!  Doesn’t she want her remaining balance? Anyone else have unresponsive vendors?

P.S Stay away from who no know go no’ friends!

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