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Wedding theft – How to deal with this

After numerous calls from Uncle Tunde asking if I had finished watching the wedding video, I finally got through to watching it. What would have taken me 3 hours of bliss with Popcorn, Shawarma and Berry blast, took me 3 days with Orijin bitter & bread.

Despite the outcome I was grateful that the camera picked up some major things. I guess this is what Uncle Tunde excitedly referred to as ‘American film’. At the reception the camera man picked up on guests packing food in nylon bags. Now I’m not referring to leftover food in peoples plates on the table o. I’m talking about fresh plates of untouched food. They would order for more food after eating and then put the food in nylon bags under the table. Now these woman doing these things were dripping in swagu from head to toe you would never think they could do that sort of thing.

That was minor compared to what Uncle camera man picked up. Footage showed a guest dipping her  hand in our money bag. A woman came to the dance floor and sprayed us about N50 (using ten ten Naira) she was on the floor dancing for some time, and later was acting as if she wanted to help pick money for us on the floor. only to see her putting the money in her own nylon bag.  I honestly remember seeing this woman and noticing she was acting shady, but I thought she was a friend of one of our parents.  Investigations are currently going on.

During this day of happiness and celebration, the last thing on my radar was theft. Unfortunately the reality is, with a large amount of guests and lots of bustling around, weddings are prime setting for gift-snatching to take place.

 So how does one avoid wedding gift theft?

  •  Call out a wedding crasher – First thing first, if you see someone unfamiliar at your wedding, don’t hesitate to ask your wedding planner or security to escort them out.


  • Keep Your Celebration Up, Close and Personal -Nigerian weddings usually mean bigger crowds which then equals to tons of riff-raff entry without being noticed regardless of ‘strictly by invitation’ That’s a theft alarm, right? Smaller weddings usually means close friends and family in an intimate setting where chances of random people breaking in to your wedding are next to nothing. It’s hard to accept but small weddings are the way to go to curb such things.


  • Appoint only family to pick your money – To double up the security for your gifts & money, you can appoint one or more reliable attendants from amongst your family and friends. This can be the couple’s best friends, cousins or anyone from the bridal party that the couple fully trusts to take care of collecting your money.


  • Security must be tight – This is so important, if you notice anything suspicious then report it ASAP! Yes it’s your day and you shouldn’t give a care in the world, but as you are enjoying yourself make sure you are observant as well. Your bridal party must also be observant of any suspicious behaviour.
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