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Wedding DIY Tips & Tricks


When it comes to weddings, you have to think imaginatively and sharp, this can save you loads of money. There’s no time to dull, we refuse to carry last. Why should I spend my life savings on my wedding and drink garri after. I know a part of us wants our wedding to have some social spotlight and trend, yes we want our guests to have a fantastic time, but ladies let’s use our medulla oblongata. Below are a few DIY ideas I have used or plan to use for my wedding and trust me you can get the same result as Zahra Buhari if you’re smart with it.


Dummy cake

Who needs to know you have a dummy cake?  Tell your baker to make the first couple of tiers real cake and have fake tiers for the bottom of the cake. No one will ever know and it’s so much cheaper… My traditional wedding cake went to waste, it was so painful I vowed it wouldn’t happen again and I’m taking this route, which has saved me N100k.

Can you tell the bottom layer is a fake cake?

Candy bar

I shared on my Instagram over the weekend a vendor quoted me N200, 000 for a candy bar. I got vexed and decided to google how to make a candy bar for your wedding.

In 3 simple steps:


Thank me later



Okay….. don’t  have that look on your face like I’m crazy,  I wasn’t sure about  this until I was asked to pay 60-70k for a bouquet that I was going to end up tossing to one lucky lady at my reception. Carry your two legs to the market  and look for any type of artificial flowers you can use, and guess what there are loads of tutorials on YouTube to show you how to make your own wedding bouquets.


Create an e-invite

Does anyone file or frame wedding invitations? No….. we are in a digital era where everything under the sun is passed around via WhatsApp. Go paperless and save money on printing out invitations. I have seen some very beautifully designed cheap and exquisite e- invites.

err yh you can go for this option if you are totally ruling out a budget for invitations

Obviously you may want to have physical invitation cards to give out to your very distinguished guests. However, the bulk of your invites should be sent out in the form of an e-invite created by a graphic designer. I think invitations are the sort of thing people look at, note down the date and then throw in the bin.

Reception dress.

Up until this weekend I had a massive issue finding the best designer to make my reception dress. The prices were all ridiculous, designers charging 150k and above for a simple dress design. I expressed my frustration to a friend of mine who got married last year, she taught me something. Buy your material yourself, give your design to a tailor and do NOT mention the dress is for your wedding. That’s what she did and she paid a measly N10, 000 for her very beautiful evening reception dress.

Prices are in Nigerian Naira
Prices are in Nigerian Naira


Get trusted people to help in wedding planning

I opted for this option when wedding planners were quoting me N2.5 million for coordinating my wedding. My cousin who is well connected planned my traditional wedding myself with tremendous input from me and my mum. Cut costs and use the money for something more tangible. Utilise the help of your aunties and uncles with connections, now is the time to be friend them. Forget about the social media hype, the truth of the matter is the coordinator charging 2.5 million for your wedding, once the money has been paid you cannot get it back, once the wedding is done that’s the end for you. Next Saturday the coordinator is cashing another 2.5 million form another client. Think Smart.


Framed Blackboard Wedding Program

Some people may turn their noses up at this, but hey it’s another way to save money. Guests never really know what to do with their paper programs after the ceremony; you can eliminate waste by painting over a large, chalkboard with chalkboard paint and placing in a strategic place at the reception where guests can see programme for the day.

Last but not the least, enter lots of competitions, this is not the time to be shy but don’t just enter, make sure you win; there’s lots of prizes and freebies to be won!

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