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We will not wed you if your dress has a tail


Looooool I don’t want to say tooo much because I don’t want to step on anyone’s toes. I actually don’t even know what to say.
I was served with the rules and regulations for getting married in a particular church in Lagos and I’m not quite sure how to react. Clearly I’m not getting married in this church because I will not be able to keep up with their requirements.

The one that stuck out to me the most is your wedding dress must not have a tail!! I would rather have an outdoor wedding in the scorching sun than wear a wedding gown that won’t have a long tail and a veil.
All this for just yes I do? It’s my day and I can’t let any church doctrine spoil my show.
This appears to be the general consensus in RCCG.
Just read below:


The following are the procedures to be strictly adhered to in their chronological order by anyone intending to be joined in holy matrimony in this Church:

1. Either of the intending couple is to meet with the Parish Pastor before proposal and consenting to marry each other.

2. The Parish Pastor Counsels either or both parties and advises them to go and pray to be absolutely convinced of their choice of marriage partner. The Pastor also intercedes for them.

3. The Pastor is to bring the intending couple together to meet each other for mutual consent and confirmation.

N.B: Those who go ahead to do their Introduction or Traditional Wedding before coming to the Church to notify/involve the Pastor should forget coming to the Pastor at all. They will not be joined together in Victory House!

4. Intending couples are not to smooch, live together or have sex after mutual consent.


5. The Pastor further refers the intending couple to the Marriage Committee through his secretary for an interview with them where personal questions will be asked and truthful answers to these questions given by the intending couple.

6. The intending couple is to begin marriage counseling classes after the Committee has interviewed them and given them the list of requirements to be met.

A. There is going to be THREE SESSIONS of Marriage Counseling Classes in a year namely: JAN.-APRIL, MAY-AUG. and SEPT.-DEC.

B. The Marriage Committee will have two meetings with intending couples before a Marriage Counseling Session commences. Intending couples must meet with the Committee at least once before they can be qualified to attend any of the Sessions.

C. Lectures will now come up on Saturdays from 5-7pm in the Church premises, but if need be Sunday classes may be introduced in addition to the Saturday classes in order to cover lost grounds.

D. It is compulsory that a person intending to wed in the Church must be a member of either one of these three: Sunday-School (a class), House Fellowship (a home) or Eagles Wings Youth Fellowship and obtain a Letter of Introduction from the Head of this department.

7. The intending couple must start and finish the marriage counseling classes.

A. A vigil will take place to round off the Marriage Counseling Session, this is to enable the couple start their new life on a very solid and sure Foundation – Jesus Christ.

B. In this vigil they will also rehearse on how to conduct themselves on the wedding day and this will be anchored by a representative from the Ushering department.

8. The intending couple must refer back to the Pastor to fix the date of their wedding ceremony in the Church.

N.B: Intending couple must not fix their wedding date before meeting with the Pastor if they intend to wed in the Church.

9. The intending couple is free to commence the procedure of obtaining a License to Wed Form from IKoyi Registry (this is to be collected and kept by the Church and a Wedding Certificate from IKoyi Register their wedding day).

10. They can also proceed to organize their Traditional Wedding where necessary.

11. The Church advises that the above must be done on a date very close to the Church wedding date to avoid the temptation and justification of having sex before the Church wedding day.

12. The intending couple must not live together as a couple because they have done the Traditional Wedding if and only if they still want to wed in the Church but if not they can go ahead and live together as husband and wife.

13. The inspection of the wedding gown is a must!

• The gown must not expose the cleavage, breast, arm-pit or bra strap of the bride (i.e. it must not be low-neck or sleeveless or made of see-through Lacey material).

• The gown must not have a “slit” on the skirt.

• The gown must not have a tail.

• The gown must have a veil to cover the head of the bride.

• Heavy make-up is not acceptable (all things must be done in moderation).

• The Chief Bride’s Maid and the Bridal Train also must conform to the standards stipulated for the bride as aforementioned.

• The gown must be submitted for inspection three weeks before the wedding ceremony day and amendments made where necessary.

• The amended gown is to be immediately brought back to the Committee for approval.

• The gown is to be cross-checked again for compliance minutes before the wedding ceremony commences.

• If the dress code is not adhered to, the bride will be sent back home for compliance on the wedding day.

• The Groom, his Best-Man and the Groom’s men must wear a very decent hair-cut.

• They must not wear ear-rings or studs.

14. The wedding ceremony can commence in the Church on the set date.

15. The wedding ceremony will be postponed to a later date if either of the couple fails to be in Church at the time of Joining of Couple in the Church program.

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3 thoughts on “We will not wed you if your dress has a tail

  1. Redeem ke never… I got married in rccg.. If it has a tail they will not join you guys together. They will not even allow you to enter the church

  2. Yes o all those rules are true. Hmmm I submitted letter of consent from both parents. E plenty sef but all glory to God. It got to a point my husband was shouting with the APICP my mum was there too because they threatened not to join us since he’s yet to meet us. My mum was begging the man we couldn’t talk he was firing us o saying what are we doing in lagos. What kind of job would Ave tied us down from coming down to ogun state. I see weeenn

    1. Ehnnnnnn are you serious?! Kiya kiya I’m looking for garden for outdoor wedding cause me I cannot deal with stress especially on my wedding day!!

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