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Vendors Passing off other peoples work as their own


So I was recently talking with a vendor who came highly and persistently recommend, he apparently specialises in designing and printing invitation cards.  We had our initial conversations via email and I kept getting this vibe that the guy on the other side of the computer screen didn’t have a clue about anything.

Anyway I gave him the benefit of the doubt and graduated the conversation to WhatsApp, I asked to see samples of his work which took 3 days for me to receive, that had already put me off. So when I finally received the image samples I noticed that these images were way too perfect and pretty, they had to be from google there was no way this was someone’s raw work. After downloading the pictures and having a better look at them my eyes came across watermark logos.

Exactly how the image was sent to me

wedding card.jpg
Exactly how the image was sent to me
I asked ‘is this your personal work as in your creation, or this is an example of what you can do’ two different things. He replied, Na me do am ma, Na me. I said ohh okay why is there water mark logo on it? I kid you not these were his exact words ‘Maybe because I snap the picture when it was raining’

I went back to the referrer and asked for a sample of the work of the person she referred. Surprise Surprise she didn’t have any. After a series of questions, it turned out the guy she was suggesting to me is infact her kid brother who studied art and design and is looking for his first job.

It’s hard enough trying to prove that you can have a successful classy and expensive looking wedding on a cheap budget in Nigeria, but please biko don’t suggest vendors that you yourself cannot use.

I’m 50% there ….100% loading!

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