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UPDATED: Wedding Decorator Has Gone MIA



Praise Master Jesus…. Again I say praiseeee master Jesus. So a few weeks back I had a long rant about my wedding decorator who had disappeared for no reason. We would call she wouldn’t pick, we would send messages she would read and not respond, the day she responded she was talking like I was a new client, despite the fact we had put down a 70% deposit. So we decided to pay her a surprise visit to her office yesterday, we got there as early as 9am but had to wait because she didn’t come in till 11:30 am, for efizzy purposes my mum and I had our chairs backed to the door and as she opened the door we swivelled round in our chairs like bosses to show her that we didn’t come to play, she was pleasantly surprised and taken aback.

I reintroduced myself as her Aug 19 UK bride to which she began to recollect and explain her radio silence. In a bid to just sort everything out we went straight to business and skipped the long process of her excuse giving.

Ladies & Gents, I’m really happy that we managed to get through to the decorator and didn’t have to take up the offer of some of my online friends to meet at the venue lol (if you know, you know)

We concluded on what decorations we wanted to use, the final quote and all other necessary information. This time around though a contract was signed, I even secretly filmed the meeting on my iPhone so that (God forbid) if there is any story at least this time we have more than enough evidence. I noticed however that when we were at the decorator office, her phone kept on ringing nonstop as in, her Iskaba ringtone all of a sudden became annoying because the phone just kept ringing and no one was available to pick up. I guess that’s how our calls were not being picked when we called. She really does need P.A.

Her work is fantastic but its little strategies like this that can mess business for people. Thank you to all my concerned friends, everything is now under control, the decorator has finally been found.


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2 thoughts on “UPDATED: Wedding Decorator Has Gone MIA

  1. Coming at 11.30! Na wa o! Anyway, glad to hear the news. You and your mum are so bad-ass! Haha I could just picture you guys swivelling around in the chair!

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