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Happy Sunday ladies, hope you are having a refreshing day, my updated recommended vendors list is waaaay over do but fret not I’m about to serve you with It now. As many of you will know I’m based in the UK and I had my Introduction and Traditional ceremony in Nigeria a few weeks back.
Months ago when it was decided that my wedding would be in Nigeria, I freaked out totally, like I went into panic mode. Yes it would be cheaper to do it in Nigeria but would I be getting the same standard of quality if I did it in London??

Hahaha I laugh in Yoruba, Igbo and Hausa!! In fact to God be all the Glory, the wedding exceeded my expectation and in my honest opinion, went better than what I would have had in London.

I used well-seasoned quality vendors who made my day turn out magnificently well that people were even asking if there is still a wedding happening in August because this was BAM!!
After personal experience, I would recommend the following vendors a million times over:

Bimms Aso Oke -For exquisite out of this world never seen before aso oke ….. Ladies and Gentlemen please go to Bimms. Everything she touches turns to gold, as innnn the outfit she made for me and my hubby was probably the highlight of my day. @bimms24
Bismol Couture Designer– I stressed this tailor out sooooo much and she was so calm and professional. I went to her shop two days before the wedding hoping to collect my outfit and she hadn’t sewn anything. I freaked out and was much stressed. She measured me and told me to come back that evening she would have it sorted. I didn’t believe her and reluctantly went back to her ready kick up a fuss, to my surprise she had the outfit made packed beautifully packaged and stunning beautiful, I tried the outfit and it fill to perfection. @bismol_bridals_and_fashions
Designer Muse Couture Designer- So friendly, so professional so on POINT! She sewed me a complicated badass dress (my third outfit) fit to perfection without measurements but by only knowing my UK size and seeing a picture of me!! How is that possible? @designersmuseng
Ile Oko ya-Alaga toh quality, Alaga toh sure! May God bless you ma. She was on point and superb everybody loved her work and she went over and beyond what we expected. We even got a cute pillow to keep as a souvenir. @ile_oko_ya
J Gates- Professional and calm to the T! I had a family friend who was a big pain in the ass (even though he didn’t show it, I could tell) he still remained professional and didn’t compromise on work. @jgatesvisuals
Michael Bolaji- How does one balance professionalism and good-humour at the same time? When I was freaking out because of how late we were, Michael was able to calm me down, he got me to smile and laugh and at the same time still remained professional. He even knew what jewellery went with each outfit even without me knowing. @michaelbolajiphotography
Brides Profile- Make up Artist of lifeeeeeee. Brides Profile doesn’t care who is waiting if she isn’t done beating your face, she is not stopping for nobody!! Make up was my biggest fear, I didn’t want makeup that will transform my identity or make me look like a masquerade. I didn’t want a situation where people will be sprinkling holy water on the screens when they see before and after pictures of me! Brides profile is a miracle worker. @bridesprofile
If you were a vendor at the wedding and your name didn’t make the cut it means your service was not up to par *cough cough* aunty caterer.

Hope this list has helped someone somewhere, some of the profiles of these vendors do not do them justice at all but please trust me they are all on point!
I’m working on a concept that will showcase the talent of talented vendors who may be overlooked or looked down on simply because they don’t have the validation of mass Instagram likes and followings. It’s a vain world we live in… but don’t worry guys I gatchu!!

To be honest, i battled with myself whether or not I should upload my pictures to the blog, i thought about it a million times and at the moment i dont think i want to reveal my identity just yet, hope yall can understand

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    1. Aww congrats on your engagement. I don’t know It all, I’m just sharing my experience and I’m glad you find some parts useful 😀
      If you have specific questions or need any advice please let me know

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