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GIVEAWAY TIME!!! I’m so excited to do this. I’ve never done a giveaway before but I feel it’s the perfect time. As some of you may know I am all about sharing budget friendly advice and tips that I learnt along the way of my wedding planning. Quick story behind this giveaway, there was a day I came in contact with a bridal accessory company which was highly recommended, she had soo many beautiful things and I kept on asking her the prices of her goods. She would say to me don’t worry, I’m not expensive, pick what you want and well do you a nice deal. Me too silly girl I believed her, I started picking crown, earring, bracelet, bridesmaid jewellery etc. etc. At the end of everything, she came up with a grand total of 50, 000 Naira. I didn’t even bother to conversate with her, I instantly blocked and deleted her on WhatsApp and decide to carry my humble budget to where I got two huge tiaras, my earrings and bracelet for £20) anyway I was feeling super cool with myself because I managed to get my jewellery really cheap that I decided to buy another tiara….. till date I’m not actually sure why I did that, but I guess everything works out because now  I’m doing a giveaway to any upcoming bride (based in Lagos Nigeria) who would love to have a brand new beautiful and expensive looking tiara.


No need for long ting, just send your details (Name, Location, Wedding date) to  or leave a message in the comment section and the fastest person will get it.


Good luck

Stunning Gorgeous Tiara
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