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Have you thought about how you’ll kiss your groom?

you may kiss the bride

“How will we kiss each other?” “Am I going to use – Church Tongue?'”

These are just some of the questions that have been popping up in my crazy mind ooo. I have now added practice kissing sessions to my wedding checklist because I would like to avoid any awkward moments at the altar.

I can already feel the pressure from when the officiant says, “You may now kiss your bride. With everyone watching and pointing cameras to capture the moment, the pressure to achieve that perfect kiss may get intense for us. But that’s not the only pressure, what about the pressure from parents and family? You still have to uphold that good girl never been touched status whilst kissing.

So yes, I’ve kissed my fiancé hundreds of times, but never in front of all my family and friends, talk less of a minister, just picturing it now is nerve wracking. I remember at my friend’s wedding, her parents closed their eyes when it was time to kiss the groom, they obviously found it quite uncomfortable, one can only imagine what was going through their mind when they realised things were going to go down that night.

Ok so how do you find a middle ground between a passionLESS peck and a sloppy make-out session?  I have seen some awkward cringe worthy kissing sessions where the couple have bumped teeth, produced a bizarre sound when kissing, and even missed each other’s mouths.

I’ve been practising on my giant teddy bear because I need to know what is more appropriate, a quick peck or a 20-second workout for my tongue. Drew Barrymore gave some advice in The Wedding Singer movie: “Not porno tongue. Church tongue.”

My conclusion is your kiss should not be too short since you want to capture the emotions of the moment, but it should not last so long that your guests and parents don’t feel uncomfortable and awkward.

What tips do you have to prepare for your wedding kiss?

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2 thoughts on “Have you thought about how you’ll kiss your groom?

  1. I love your blog..

    Just browsed in from Linda Ikeji’s blog…..and…I would like to attend your wedding too… Well done, Miss!

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