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There’s One Big Mummy Jos in every family


Its funny how family & friends and most especially one aunty who you met one time when you were 12…. Seem to imagine your wedding day will crumble without their assistance.

So by now, you guys should know who Uncle Tunde is, my special Uncle Tunde. Ok now, Let me introduce another member of my family, she goes by the name Big Mummy Jos.

Big Mummy Jos is a lovely lady by nature, very caring and the type of mama that likes to be the centre of attention with her matching shoe & bag, this starter pack totally defines her.

If you remember earlier this year I wrote a post about some beads I wanted to wear for my traditional wedding. Mummy Jos was the mama that hooked me up with Iya Dolapo the bead maker who flopped me big time.

Big Mummy Jos is one of those aunties I don’t keep in touch with that often, but am close with her daughter (my cousin) who is one of my bridesmaids. During my Traditional Wedding earlier this year  she would nonstop send me old skool images of aso oke and fans and beads to my WhatsApp. I don’t think she ever slept, she was my alarm clock for that period, her messages with 50 images flooding in on a daily basis is what woke me up every morning. I had to block Big Mummy Jos on WhatsApp, when she asked me why she can no longer see me on WhatsApp I told her my phone storage was full and I had to regrettably delete the app.

Unknown to me, Big Mummy Jos recently got herself an upgrade on her Huawei phone to an IPhone. Big Mummy Jos has started doing what she does best and I was completely shocked to receive an Imessage from her asking if I had got my wedding shoes.

I’m sure she was asking because she had someone, maybe a friend who sold shoes. She sent me a whole bunch of Bollywood sandals as suggestions for wedding shoes.

I mean I was left speechless, I really couldn’t respond, up till now I haven’t responded. How far is too far before you put your foot down?

big mummy


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