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My Wedding #thejayeobas2017

9 months of wedding planning came to an end on 19.08.17 when I married my best friend in Ikeja Lagos. #thejayeobas2017 I loved my wedding.  I ADORED it. God over delivered  and I wouldn’t change a thing about it—which is saying something, because the truth is I was already getting fed up with the planning, money being spent and dealing with shady people, I wanted it over just as badly as I wanted it at all, because planning the damn thing was so hard for me.

When I first started this journey to #thejayeobas2017  I thought it would be fun & games, those that follow the blog (thank you soo much) know how much I used to complain and get frustrated.

There was a major clash between my smallbudget and cultural expectation and internet research which planted the seed that you couldn’t have a popping wedding without breaking the bank, going broke and soaking gari after the wedding. Please note the wedding was popping on my small budget and after the wedding, I’ve been eating out eating Shawarma, Chinese, Snail and chips and this isn’t from the money we got from being sprayed. It’s called not spending all your money on your wedding because there is LIFE after that day.

#thejayeobas2017 was initially hit with a budget of 13 Million Naira from my wedding planner. I can confidently tell you today that the whole wedding cost nothing more than 5 Million Naira. Most of the things at my wedding were done by ‘DIY’ or from service rendered by very reasonably priced vendors

#thejayeobas2017 was a success as in, it was LIT, obviously with success comes hiccups and Uncle Tunde’s. For example our initial venue had double booked us, they gave our date out to another couple without informing us, and 2 months to the event we were running helter skelter looking for a venue.

As many of you know, a lot of the wedding planning process is just plain hard. Dealing with unruly family members, figuring out finances, evaluating friendships, communicating on sensitive issues. Things got harder in the weeks leading up to the wedding that was the best time for Panadol to make me their ambassador because I couldn’t do one day without taking it. Things were falling apart, vendors were messing up, my reception dress wasn’t ready and the tailor went MIA 3 days to the wedding (although she came through eventually) and Uncle Tunde was still offering me Chinese slimming tea, heck! My to-do list was still as long as my arm.

But this post is to focus on the moments of joy and gratitude that did happen on the day. And by reflecting on the fact that I’m now married to my King and we’re blessed in a million ways. I am thankful, I am happy, I am fulfilled. God really came through for us.

The day wouldn’t have been complete without the following talented superstars which I have to shout out.

Taye Taylor: A bespoke bridal dress maker. God bless this sweet lady. She made my wedding dress from scratch, what a pleasant and beautiful soul. She fully understood my vision and gave me more than what I expected. Taye made my dress 2 months before production date with only one dress fitting. I collected my dress 2 months after it was made and it fit like a glove. I swear I could have stayed in it all day, I felt and looked like a princess.

Taye Taylor
MC Mide Coker (aka The Cute MC): Comedian/Compere Extraordinaire.  He over delivered, he was patient with us and made us enjoy our reception. He is funny, engaging and very talented. He also has a great personality.

Sora Tulip: Nigeria’s First Fruit Carving Specialist. My online sister lol, anytime I needed help she was ready to give me contacts of only the BEST approved vendors. She is so helpful and lovely. She also has an article on the blog in bride to wife section. She delivered a beautiful fruit tree that was finished before I entered the venue. I heard everyone was loving it.

Soratulip fruit carving
Bakes, Chops & Desserts NG: Such a sweet lady who specialises in yummy Desserts, I was really intrigued with her upside down pineapple cake, I just had to order it. It was AMAZING and really delicious; everyone kept going on about the Red Velvet cake.

DJ Steve dspin: Hubby got the DJ, he was mad, as in sick, as in he isn’t well. My guy scattered the place with bangers back to back. The wedding turned into a club. Hats off to him.

Hairbyope_smade: such a pleasant person to work with, he is really polite and his hand isn’t painful. He installed and styled my weave beautifully.

The Wedding Cheapskate: A beautiful lady who provided my beautiful bouquet and the roses for my bridesmaids. She is right up my street because she understands brides on a budget.

Makeoverbyteju: Nah, nah, nah, nah seriously God bless you ma’am, my original Makeup artist cancelled on me on the morning of the wedding. My aunty just called up Teju makeup and within 45 mins she was at my hotel room beating my face. 8 hours later my face was still beat for the gods.

My reception dress was made by a tailor who is not on Instagram, shout out to her also.

My 4 beautiful bridesmaids who gave me zero stress, my parents, family members and my beautiful husband, shout out to you all!

I can’t believe it’s finally over, I’m so grateful to GOD and every single person who helped me in one way or the other on this journey. Also to anyone who has ever read this blog, THANK YOU …. My name Is Bukola Jayeoba nee Alabi) I move on to the next section of this blog ‘From Bride to Wife ’ xoxo



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  1. Congrats Bukola! I am glad everything went well. Wishing you and hubby the very best marriage has to offer. Now the fun begins!

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