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The “Wedding Hotline” Callers

The “Wedding Hotline” CallersPlease if you fall into this category from this day forth, cease to remain a member.
How can you say the bride shouldn’t be stressed before her day but 24hrs before her big day her phone has been ringing nonstop it’s not fair.
I have someone who is dealing with the logistics of the day, instead of them to contact her, everyone is directing their queries to me ( I must point out these are some of the most pointless and stupid queries I have ever heard)
What time does the event start? Is there going to be DJ? What’s the colour of the day? Where’s the venue ? How many people are you expecting? Is there going to be alcohol?

I even had to cook and clean tonight for 10 people, me that should be enjoying a well air conditioned 5 star hotel room with 24/7 room service and spa services. 
Sigh, I have to be up in about 5 hours time, hopefully I get to fall asleep quickly, I’m sharing a double bed with 4 bodies and one arm across my face and as I wrap up this post at 23:45pm, a text has literally just entered my phone from a guest saying 
 ” I know the wedding is invite only but can I bring 4 of my friends”

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