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The Naija Groom’s Outlet


Today we have something different on the blog. I received a message from an anonymous  GROOM… yes a groom  and I feel sorry for him  Today we switch it up just for him – You are reading  ‘ The Naija Groom’s Outlet’ Please read his story below, he also needs your advice:

Please TNBO I am getting stressed out with these wedding planning, first of all why aren’t there any outlets for grooms. As in I didn’t know that planning our wedding would be so hard! If it’s not my fiancé planning it all without me and sending me stupid bills, it’s her mother that is planning it as if it’s her wedding!

Let me get one thing out of the way first. I can’t wait to be married, I can’t wait to be a husband, to have wife and to spend my life with the one I love…but getting married is a bloody nightmare!

The recent happening has really thrown me of course and I’m inclined to just board a one way flight to United States of Abia. Can you imagine with just 3 weeks to the wedding my In-laws who were initially handling the whole catering for the day have called me to tell me that they can no longer cater for everyone and we will have to cater for our guests!!! Do these people want to bring shame to me? They will not succeed!

My father is late,  and I’m the first born in my house so I’m basically forking out the costs for this wedding, please where am I going to find approx. 2Million Naira between now and 3 weeks. In fact what caterer can I find between now and 3 weeks that will supply what I need for 500 guests? Everything is a mess; everyone always thinks it’s brides that go through stress during wedding planning. NO!! The groom goes through it as much as the bride does. I’m tired, I’m stressed and I want out, I try to do the right thing by making an honest woman of the girl that I love and everything is a big mess. Only I know the amount of sleepless nights I have thinking about money, or the days I go without food because there isn’t enough. I told my in-laws from the get go… I can only do registry and BARCELOS in ICM … they thought I was joking.

Am I now going to start borrowing money? Am I now going to start my marriage paying back debt? I’m not from a rich background; I’m basically the breadwinner for the house so it’s not as if I have family that can support

Please help me post on your page, maybe someone can help advise me with a caterer or what I can do. Someone was telling me about some ‘Olopo’ Stuvs, getting old women to cook in my compound overnight and paying them about 5k each apparently it’s very popular.

I’m not even talking to my fiancé right now because I can’t believe her parents could do this to me at quarter to shame!

I have spent close to 5 million Naira for this wedding already…. Do you know what 5 million naira can buy me?

  1. A brand new car….
  2. Deposit for land…..
  3. Stock for my mums shop…..

Let me keep quiet, please post… my destiny helper can stumble across this!



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