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The end of something is the beginning of something new.


Well this post isn’t a motivational one per say, it’s more like a testimonial post that I feel compelled to share.

Mark 11: 24 – Therefore I say to you, whatever things you ask when you pray, believe that you receive them, and you will have them.

You see the image below? That’s my journal, that’s my chicken scratch writing and that was my heart desire last year August.

This time last year I was single, very very single. I had come out of a relationship not too long ago and even though I knew that relationship was going nowhere productive, a part of me wanted us to get back together. I guess my desire and the pressure to get married and settle down was what wanted me to settle for anything. But I believe God broke that relationship because he had someone better for me.

Isn’t it funny how we know something isn’t good for us but we decide to still go for it?

Shortly after wallowing in my depression I decided to pick myself up and move on. I got closer to God and studied the word. One the 10th August 2016 I listened to a message by Pastor Prince Where He preached on Mark 11:24

He was basically saying whatever you want, pray, believe, ask and receive In Faith that you have it and it shall be yours. At that stage in my life all I wanted was for me to settle down and get married.

With no man insight, overdue hair, unthreaded eyebrows and chipped nails on 10th August 2016 I wrote these words down:

This time next year I will be married, before the end of this year I will be engaged. God has turned T’s heart back to me. I am engaged.

On the 12th Aug I went on to write –

Lord I’m holding onto Mark 11:24 don’t give the devil room to mock me. I want T

All along I was making this declaration but I was relating it to my Ex whose name started with T.

God confirmed that his word will not return to him void, on November 2016 I got engaged, and to confirm things even further, the date chosen by family for our wedding was 19th August 2017. Initially I and hubby wanted a June wedding, but just look at GOD!!

That’s not even the best part, I didn’t get engaged to my ex, I got engaged to someone completely new and guess what? His name starts with T!

This post is just to encourage anyone who is believing for something (not necessarily marriage) please hold onto Mark 11:24 – God does not lie and he stays true to his word, he will never allow his word return to him void… why? Because he is faithful and he cannot deny himself!

ask believe receive

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