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My uncle promised to supply us with a Videographer


A few months ago, we were going through the wedding budget, & my parents told me not to include a cinematography/ videographer to our budget because my uncle has offered to give us the package as a wedding gift. Apparently he told my parents that he would be taking care of all the photography & Videography for the day.

I was so elated because that meant at least N300, 000 wouldn’t need to be added to the budget. In my excitement I forgot to ask who this person was and if I could see some examples of their work.

Yesterday we revisited the budget and i remembered that I actually don’t know who the videographer is. I asked my mum to ask the uncle for the videographer’s online profile or website, but my uncle said the guy didn’t have an online presence.

I thought that was a bit odd, how you can be a cinematographer and not have an online presence. I sha brushed it aside and gave him the benefit of the doubt, but something kept telling me to dig deeper and ask to see some of his work. I asked my uncle if there was somewhere I can preview the cinematographers work, Uncle said ahh I don’t know if he puts his work online for preview oo, you have to pay to preview his work.

Hmmm Ok uncle, please can I have his company name and number, maybe I can dig something out and find his work for myself. Uncle began to call the number  “08034569221 his name is Sunday Akanmu”

Sorry Uncle what did you call his name….. Sunday Akanmu my Uncle replied.

Still giving the benefit of the doubt I decided to type in ‘Sunday Akanmu Videographer’ into google….. Nothing turned up.  I tried ‘Sunday Akanmu Cinematographer based in Lagos Nigeria’ …nothing came up.

I decided to add him on WhatsApp and chat with him on there. The guy on the DP was a dark man with 3 strong painful looking tribal marks on each cheek. I asked if I was speaking to a Sunday Akanmu he said yes, I introduced myself and asked if I could see some of his work. He told me he doesn’t keep his work online, he shoots and gives it to his clients like that.

Something told me to ask what equipment he uses; he told me 2001 palm camcorder.

My uncle promised to supply us with a videographer
This is what Mr Sunday wants to record my wedding on.


Okay, Okay, Okay, Okay….. I told him thank you, I’ll get back to him.

This morning he sent me a trailer of a wedding he did last week, I had to ask if the wedding was last week or 1999… all I can say is – IT. IS. WELL.

Now I’m back to looking for a videographer last minute. Thank God we had already locked down a photographer since the beginning of the year! Sometimes family members can actually do more harm than good.

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2 thoughts on “My uncle promised to supply us with a Videographer

  1. Eyah…I would say still keep Mr. Sunday since it’s at no cost to you. But definitely get your own. I got video coverage for my two events for less than 300k so I’m sure you can get someone for one event for less than that.

    1. Its a sad situation. Im glad I found out now and not later on when it could have been a worse situation. Yeah I think I will still keep Uncle Sunday, now im on a hunt to find another 😀

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