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Skip The Ceremony, Go Straight To Reception


So Uncle Tunde eventually got his way with his Jack Of All Trade colleague, he is recording our wedding on Panasonic VCD recorder, but only for the church service though. So Uncle Tunde & his colleague  went to the church yesterday morning where we would be having our ceremony, Uncle Tunde said he wants to have vendors meeting and view the venue… whatever makes you happy sir, vendors meeting between you and videographer… wehdone sir

Anyway after their meeting, Uncle Tunde called me and told me the church is too big, that people don’t come for the church in Nigeria everyone goes straight to the reception. He said if he had known we were going to use such a big church he would have recommended we use his church, (his church is held in a school classroom somewhere in Ikorodu, let that simmer for a while)

If I’m invited for a wedding, I  always attend both the ceremony & reception unless there is a perfectly good reason why I won’t be in attendance at the ceremony then I go straight to reception. But there are some people who will never go for the ceremony no matter the advance notice you have given them. While the reception is definitely the fun part of any wedding, the ceremony is the moment that really matters that is when the couple actually gets married after all!


If awon temi skipped my wedding ceremony and went straight to the reception, I would feel hurt. I would feel that I was not important enough for you to witness our joining together. Imagine as a guest, how you would feel if the celebrant gave you an invitation to the ceremony alone and not the reception, of course you would feel a type of way.

Anyway at the end of the day, you really can’t control what your guests are going to do. There is no way to prevent someone from skipping the ceremony and going straight to the reception. It has happened in the past, still happening and will continue to happen.

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