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Shoes or slippers for my wedding?

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It literally just dawned on me that I have to wear shoes on my wedding day, I’ve been so concerned with everything else I actually forgot about something as important as shoes. But what shoes am I going to wear? I don’t want anything high because I want to be comfortable. Neither do I want anything expensive because I’m only wearing it for a few hours.

Funny thing is, I don’t think I have seen a bride and her shoes, apart from one or two times when brides make a statement by wearing sneakers or expensive louboutin and I’m not cool for sneakers neither do I have money for loubs so what can I wear?

Because my dress is obviously going to cover my feet, I told my hubby I may just end up wearing Dunlop slippers because no one is going to see my feet, but he quickly reminded me that when I’m dressing up in my hotel I will need to do small efizzy with the paparazzi with my accessories and shoes so I need to come correct.

I have nice stiletto sexy heels  for the reception part; it’s just the white wedding I seem to be struggling with lol. Please someone, anyone give me shoe suggestion.

I have looked on google and I keep getting bridal shoes of £200 and above emi ko!

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