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Pre wedding facials 

I want to be glowing on my wedding day so I need to start doing some pre wedding facials. My issue is that I don’t want to spend money ( you should know me by now) and my skin is actually very very sensitive. 

I remember I saw one Jamo lady on YouTube her face was glowing as in glowing for the gods, she gave a tutorial and I decided to follow. Turmeric, honey, lemon and banana. At the end of one week my face was swamped with rashes so that is the reason I have been shying away from facials.
But if I want that bobrisky and Toke Makinwa glow I gotsta put in the work. I’m about to start my first facial let’s see how it goes I’m using some Vichy products. 
Did you have any pre wedding facials that worked for you? 

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