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Prayer & Patience The Greatest Formula

The Greatest Formula

After church today a church member asked me how wedding preps were going, She then went on to say marriage is soooo amazing you know, don’t listen to anyone who may say otherwise” I was interested in where this was going because just the other day an aunty of mine was telling me all sorts like “marriage  is not easy, it’s a different ball game, sometimes marriage isn’t worth it, men always cheat, I should prepare myself now for the day I find out my husband cheats” (GOD FORBID)

The lady today told me the formula for a happy marriage  is so easy but we often complicate things, prayer and patience is all that is needed.

If you have a misunderstanding with your husband talk to God about it. Don’t call your friends or your pastor not even your parents. First thing first talk to God, he will put you in line and show you who to talk to.
It will even surprise you God may send a word to you through someone or a WhatsApp broadcast message or even through daily devotion.

Be careful  how you talk about your spouse to others, after lambasting him to your friends and family and they too have helped you lambast him how do you rectify and nullify all the lambasting once you guys have reconciled?

If you must fight then fight on your knees, if you must lambast then lambast on your knees. By knees I mean prayer because prayer is your greatest weapon.

When you’re praying God will even show you when you’re missing it and going wrong. At times we think it’s the man’s fault but God will start to reveal to us where we went wrong and how to deal with things in a better way.

The lady who spoke to me told me she had issues in the beginning stage of her marriage but when she learnt to fight on her knees, God began to break her, mould her and teach her how to respond to her husband with love and patience…..they have been married for 33 years!

Prayer + Patience – I like that formula!

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