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Please who wants to teach me how to haggle in the market?

Hubby is a professional when it comes to haggling. When he is pricing I feel so bad for the sellers because he will haggle to the barest minimum. He can haggle from 5k to 1,500. On top of pricing he will now ask for ‘Fi si’ (add more) I just look at him & I’m like wowww…. I don’t know how he does it.

Last week I went to buy chicken in the market. I decided I should go & practise my pricing skills. First I stopped by and got some Avocado, she said 4 for N500 I walked off & she called me back. I got 4 for N200. This boosted my confidence so I made my way to the chicken stand. I got to where they were selling the chicken & the woman there called N1, 800 I told her confidently with my shoulders high that I couldn’t pay 1,800 she asked how much do I wasn’t to pay & I told her 1000.

She told me she can’t take 1000 the last she will do is N1600. I declined her offer and walked away shoulders still high confident that she would call me back within 5 seconds. 5,4,3,2,1 … I’m still walking, I didn’t hear anyone call me back.

Mess Up! And that was the only place they sold chicken. What do I do now? I decided to walk around the market & pick up some other items, by the time I go back to her maybe someone else would be there to sell to me.

I went back after 30 minutes and the woman was still there, gosh how do I do this walk of shame. She sighted me; now her own shoulders raised high & she shouted ‘shey kin muwa’ (should I bring it)

I told her yes & humbly sat down waiting for her to finish. I need to get my haggle on lock!

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