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Should your partner teach you to drive?

After a few driving lessons from my hubby, I can confidently say husbands are the worst driving instructors (in my humble opinion) hehehe…… I have a UK licence I know how to drive, but obviously driving over there and here are two different things. Hubby suggested with his own mouth that he will teach me how to drive in Nigeria and I thought the idea wasn’t a bad one at all.


Yesterday I did 3rd Mainland all the way to Ketu accompanied with Yelling and screaming …OMG!!! I don’t even want to think about it.  ‘Turn your hand this way, where are you going, don’t let them treat you like mumu on the road, overtake him, slow down, you’re to slow, watch that pot hole’….. One time he even reached over and grabbed the steering I said Chineke mee! Kilosele gan gan!


I asked to go to driving school, but hubby told me no need to waste money on a private instructor, he will teach me.

I remember when I was younger, Every time my dad used to take my mum out to teach her, they used to fight. Mama couldn’t take it and hired a driving instructor. She said the difference was like day and night, and she eventually got her license!


I believe most men do not have the patience to teach their wives how to drive. They always scream at every little mistake the wife commits as if they should know to drive like them as soon as they step into the driver’s seat.


On another note, There is something we call polite questions which I  have started doing e.g are u ok sir? or are you blind?  or I just show them the 5 finger sign and say your mama! LOL Welcome to Nigeria where every driver is a mad driver.

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