From Bride To Wife, TNBO Experience

He offered me slimming tea, is he calling me fat?

Hubby has been making me the Chinese slimming tea Uncle Tunde gave me.

Like he would willingly make it for me every morning. This started on Tuesday morning; he asked me where I kept the tea. I asked why, he said he wanted to try it and see what it tasted like. He came to the bedroom with two cups, one for me one for him.

I didn’t ask for this  I told him, but he responded telling me to just try it out. Wednesday & yesterday he came through with Chinese slimming tea again.

I’m trying to figure out what this means, yesterday he said I should stop eating late because my tummy was shooting out.

I hope he isn’t suggesting that i’m getting fat…. A mystery I’m still trying to unravel, if he offers me Chinese slimming tea again tonight then that means he may be telling me something.

Lord give me the spirit of discernment, Part 2 loading lol


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