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Finally got my Nigerian Passport after 3 months!

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Nigeria I hail thee!

I collected my Nigerian passport on Monday from the Nigerian High Commission in London. Help me praise the Looorrrddd!! After 3.5 months of waiting, I finally got my brand new clean fresh green passport. I submitted my expired passport a month before travelling for my traditional wedding. After submitting, the lady at the till told me to come back in 3 months’ time for collection. 3 months ke? I told the madam that 3 months is unheard of, when I submitted my British passport I got it within 1 week, moreover I’m having my traditional wedding next month so I need my passport to be out before then so I can travel.

She laughed and told me to advise my family in Nigeria to do the wedding in my absence, she went on to say I should use Skype to join in the wedding from here because my passport will not be ready. Anxiety hit me, my bowels started moving there and then For the next 4 weeks I prayed and fasted and with faith I went to Heathrow Airport with an expired passport. To God be all the glory, I entered Nigeria and left Nigeria without any hassle.

When I collected my passport on Monday, I saw the madam that wished me bad luck; I brought out my iPhone and began to show her pictures of my traditional wedding which I attended live and direct in flesh and blood. She exclaimed WOW!! This is you; I saw your picture all over Instagram congratulations dear. She began to famz me, she asked how I went to Nigeria…. I told her God did it! I’m so glad my passport is out now, I can decide to go to Nigeria anytime I want now that nothing is hindering me Whoop Whoop… hubby i’m on my way!


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