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Should I get my groom a gift in the morning?

Please I need help, today and today only I am focusing  on wedding morning gifts for my groom. Although not necessary & To be honest, I actually didn’t think about this until I scrolled through Aunty Bella Naija last night and saw the video of the bride that got a car from her groom.

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I have been seeing this trend online for some time now, and I think I’m living in a bubble …but,  Is it the norm to buy each other presents?  Isn’t paying thousands for a wedding enough? And surely the gift of marrying me should be enough.

If I decide to go ahead with this, you should all know me by now, I’m not trying to go for any expensive gift – maybe something special that will calm his nerves or get him excited. But a part of me is saying, I’ll be exchanging gifts with myself because I know the type of man I’m marrying he may not have even thought about wedding day gift. Maybe I should just hint it to him because left to him he will just send me prayers.

Ok so after careful consideration this is my idea of a gift if I decide to go ahead with this, I’m sure hubby will most likely be feeling a little jittery before the ceremony, so I could send him a bottle of whiskey and a box of cigars to share with his groomsmen and to calm his nerves? Or, (I prefer this idea) have cooked breakfasts delivered to the hotel suite for the guys to enjoy while they get ready in the morning.

Whatever I decide to send will be, accompanied with a handwritten letter telling him how much I can’t wait to see him. Please anyone with a better idea kindly let me know… but your suggestions should be low budget o. Or maybe I shouldn’t bother stressing myself. I have no idea when this became a thing.  In fact, after spending what we spent on the wedding, I think hubby would be a lil confused as to why I would spend money on a gift for him.

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