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Ndubuisi the Bedsheet Maker Cont…


So at 8:10pm last night Mr Ndubuisi the Egyptian cotton bedsheet maker came by with the replacement bedsheet he made for us.

He came in and apologised and blamed it on his Industrial equipment. I gave him the bedsheet that was ridiculously ripped and he couldn’t say anything. All he kept saying was Industrial fault and he was surprised because it is real Egyptian cotton. Hubby told him to stop with this Egyptian cotton nonsense because even the bedsheet he bought in Ketu Market 5 years ago is still very much intact.

He came with one of his friends who asked if we had minerals because he was thirsty. I looked at him and asked if this was a bar. As Ndubuisi was opening the black & white nylon bag he came with to give us the new bedsheets I noticed that the pattern was entirely different to what we asked for.

As he handed us the bedsheet which looked like it came from another pack, he started to ask us to drop something for him. Drop wettin for you Hubby asked? After you messed up you still want us to drop ‘something’. Mr Ndubuisi said please drop something small even if its money for Star, I’ve had a long day. Hubby was not in the mood for Ndubuisi at all.

His friend in the background said he needed money for T fare in addition to the minerals he asked for. Hubby said he has nothing on him maybe he should take back the bedsheet & sell it to someone else.

I called Uncle Tunde, he told me to give Mr Ndubuisi N400 for T fare that he will reimburse me back now now…. It’s the next day I haven’t received any alert yet. I called Uncle Tunde a few minutes ago he is telling me I’m a London babe, I’m bigger than 400 Naira.

Seriously what kind of life is this?


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