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Ndubuisi the Egyptian Bedsheet Maker

Uncle Tunde has done it again. Last month he insisted we try out his friend who makes ‘exceptional bedsheets’ using only Egyptian cotton at an affordable price.

In my mind, I was thinking here we go again Uncle Tunde and his referrals. We decided to give him audience & patronise Ndubuisi the Egyptian Bedsheet Maker. Ndubuisi came round to our place with 3 big portfolios containing different styles of sheets.

With his own mouth he said he only specialises in the best quality cotton straight from Egypt. He told us he was the only person doing bedsheets using Egyptian cotton & every other person was a counterfeit. I asked him if the Gucci style in his portfolio was real Gucci, he said Yes Madam, Na real original Gucci straight from Egypt.

Anyway, we chose 3 different styles & patiently waited for the outcome; Mr Ndubuisi turned it around in two days & came to deliver the goods. It was packaged nicely & he was commended for a quick turnaround.

Last Saturday I decided to try out the bedsheet, as I laid it I noticed that it smelt as if it was washed in Sunlight soap. Not only that, the bedsheet looked a little faded but I over looked it.

The next morning as we woke up to lay the bed we saw that the sheets had ripped!! Immediately Uncle Tunde was called, the situation was explained to him & he asked if we went to the Promise Land on the sheets?


I asked him what that had to do with anything and he said the sheets are special sheets and delicate that you cannot do anything apart from sleep on the sheet.

What type of Uncle is this & who are these people he calls friends. Immediately hubby called Mr Ndubuisi to complain. Mr Ndubuisi said we should ask of him anywhere in Nigeria & in Egypt, nobody has complained of his sheets before, that the style we chose was a low quality Egyptian cotton.

After a lot of back & forth, he said he would make us another style. I’m waiting for that to be delivered…. Hold on for Part 2 of this story!

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