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My Bridesmaid just said NO!


Is it fair for me to make this statement?…… it’s true what they say, you know who your REAL friends and family are when it comes to planning your wedding.

I’m feeling a bit let down this evening, my ride or die, twin soul, sister from another mister, BFF( or so I thought) just said NO to my bridesmaid proposal. I gave her a pretty bridesmaid proposal card, I had 100% confidence that she would say yes!! But I got the shock of life, a resounding slap to my face when I heard the word NO!!

My wedding is in 8 months’ time, and I thought giving this much notice would be helpful especially with funds. We have known each other for over a decade, we have always discussed being on each other’s bridal train no matter the situation. So what happened now!!

I will tell you, when someone tells you they cannot be in your wedding, it hurts. It’s hard not to take it personally, and it may end up changing your relationship forever.

My fiancé thinks I should just ignore her and move on and stop mopping about, but it’s painful. I’m one down and I really wanted her to be there and this really really sucks.

Her reason for not being able to attend? … She may not be able to afford it.


**Sips tea and stare’s into space**

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  1. If your friend has to travel down to the country for your wedding, she may truly not be able to afford it. However, my wedding is in six months if God wills and I’m yet to tell any of my friends about being a bridesmaid. I’m I doing something wrong?

    1. yikes!! 6 months…. you may be cutting it close girl, well depending on the type of friends you have. Is there a reason why you havent told them yet? . I understand she truley may not afford it, however she kind of knew it was a destination wedding long before i got engaged… oh well!! better she told me now than later. So when do you plan on telling your bridesmaids lol ?

  2. This happened to me with more than one friend. I most confess I cried. I took it very personally. It hurt and I felt my friends suck. I see bridal showers and trains and reflect on mine and i feel a wave of sadness for those who didn’t stick by me. Anyway such is life

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