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My Bridesmaid Can’t Afford The Budget


I was talking to a friend of mine who is getting married in September; she was ranting about one of her bridesmaids who she felt let down by. I found her story interesting so I stole it and I’m sharing it with you, read below:

One of my bridesmaids just messaged me telling me she can only afford to pay half of the bridesmaid budget. The budget was given to her in December last year (wedding is in September) When she was given the budget she was very happy and was saying how it was so cheap, in fact it was the cheapest budget she had received.  Fast forward 5 months the budget is now all of a sudden too expensive for her, she is telling me she can only afford to pay half, HALF??

I agree that everyone’s financial situation is different and is prone to change so who am I to judge, HOWEVER the funny thing is when she was hyping and saying the budget is cheap, she wasn’t working oo. Now she has a job she is telling me she can no longer afford the budget.

Of course I still want her on my train, but what she is willing to pay will only cover dress and shoes. It won’t cover makeup and hair styling or jewellery. What do I do? Do I pay for her and don’t give her a thank you gift, or should she pay what she can and maybe do her hair and makeup herself?

I spoke to my MOH and she suggested going with the latter option.

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