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Does your mood affect your cooking?

I’ve always heard that old adage ‘Your mood determines your food’

Picture the scenario – It’s been a long day at work, my husband would love to come home to a nice, hot supper, prepared lovingly by his wife. I usually do this, however last night I was in an extremely foul mood. I knew this would affect my cooking but I still I decided to persevere and get the cooking done. I was making such an easy meal. Rice, stew, beans & plantain.

By the time I had finished cooking, my rice was mushy, plantain burnt and beans burnt but not cooked. The only thing that was fine was the stew made from a few days ago.

Of all days, yesterday was the day hubby was famished. When he got back, I explained to him that the food turned out bad and he will have to manage it. Hubby said no problem bring the food I’m hungry. I brought it and he looked quite displeased. I don’t know which shocked him the most from the burnt plantain to the oily undercooked burnt beans.

Usually he finishes his food but yesterday there were remainders. He finished & didn’t say thank you like he usually did. I knew that he wasn’t happy.

If I’m in a good mood the difference in how it turns out is night & day.

If I’m in a bad mood in the kitchen, the food is going to suffer, as will anybody who complains about the food.  I always try to stay away from anything that would piss me off when I’m about to cook

Have you ever screwed up something you were cooking because you were angry/frustrated/distracted by some other emotion?

I’m on google looking for romantic meals to woo my husband with. I need to correct my wrong. I’m gonna cook up a storm today to make up for yesterday. I just need to figure out what to make to put a smile on oga’s face

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