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Meet Me At Aso Rock for my Wedding Next Week


11 days to my wedding and I finally found a style for my reception dress. Left to me I was ready to change into ripped jeans & tank top because I just simply couldn’t find a style I liked or tailors were quoting rubbish to me like 80-100K.

Is there anything wrong in not telling wedding vendors that you’re getting married in order to save money? I heard a story of a bride who called a MUA to beat her face on the day of her wedding; she never mentioned she was the bride. As soon as she got her face beat she got up and went to the wedding, she paid just 6k instead of the 150k she was previously getting quoted!!

My friend bought material and gave it to her local tailor to sew her reception dress, she paid 3,500K …she was previously being quoted 50k, that day she looked like a 100K bride

All these inflated prices all because of the W word. When I first got engaged it was really shaking my head, I made sure I told every vendor that I was the bride and I needed their service for my wedding. For my trad I accepted any price I was being quoted, my reception dress for my trad was 100k …. Laiye, I can never try that again. I went back to the tailor that did my dress maybe she would give me discount as per repeat customer and my style is the simplest style ever… she opened her mouth to say 70k!




Yesterday I went to a different tailor, I told her I had an important private dinner in Aso Rock next week & I need to look like a million dollar bride. I told her to do my dress well o so that Zahra Buhari can call her, I asked for my bill and she said 10k. I said no problem let’s do this!

Once you say the word ‘Wedding’ it’s as if everything becomes triple price” Some people call it a wedding tax – the same bunch of flowers that would cost you X amount would cost you one and a half or even two times the amount because it’s wedding-related.

When it comes to service providers, decorators, caterers, photographers etc. etc. I don’t feel its right to lie about your event, I don’t encourage it. But hair, makeup, and dress… my sisters please lie.

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