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Does marriage affect friendships?

I have a friend who when I was single we used to speak to each other like 3 -4 times a day at random time of the day. Early in the morning on the way to work. In the middle of the night at stupid times like 3am, and sometimes before going to sleep. We spent hours talking about nothing productive, just typical girl’s gist.

When I first got married I still entertained the conversations. She would call me at different times -1am, 6pm, 11pm, 2pm, and now that I’m no longer in the country her calls are now video calls.

After sometime I could no longer keep up with the calls for obvious reasons. Things have changed and priorities changed. I noticed a change in her attitude, I guess she thought I had changed and no longer valued our friendship.

One day she called me 5 times back to back around 11pm, 3 voice calls and 2 video calls I had gone to the promise land and there was no way I was picking up. By the time I came back to earth it was late and I couldn’t call anymore.

I called her back the next morning & apologised to her but I noticed that she was cold. She complained that we no longer talk as before and that she felt marriage had changed me.

I tried my best not to be that person that her friends complain that marriage has changed, but these things just naturally happen! After marriage, a person’s first priority and responsibility is his or her spouse, not family or friends.

Of course I still love my friend and I always will, but now the conversations are so different!

When I was a single woman, I never fully understood why marriage changed friendships. I’m still a newlywed, but my limited experience as a married woman has been enlightening. Why do you think marriage change friendships?

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