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Make sure you have unlimited alcohol or your wedding will be DRY!

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Different people keep telling me it’s compulsory to have the following at my wedding: Cocktails, Dessert and a Chinese buffet. Someone even went as far as telling me to include Shisha at the wedding after party so that people can rate the wedding as one of the best in Lagos! Ennnnhennnn, not only Shisha, weed and cannabis will be there -Ode!

As strong willed as I’m being, sometimes it can be easy for people’s suggestions to make me feel inadequate and wonder if this wedding is going to be ok. Are my guests going to have fun? I hope my guests won’t think it’s a dry wedding?

When I tell people, hubby and I are having a low key wedding and not trying to break the bank because we have plans to live after the wedding, they look at us as if we are speaking a foreign language.

I was talking with one of my hubby’s colleagues and he started saying some bullshit about having unlimited champagne and Hennessey at the wedding or else come Monday morning, the people that where invited from the office will condemn the wedding.

I felt so angry and hurt, so after spending millions of naira on a wedding some people can still say the wedding was rubbish and not up to par because there was no unlimited alcohol.

I talk to myself also when I say this….

Spend the money on areas that are important to you and your partner and just let the rest of it roll off your back, if people think your wedding is crap then they are shallow and not your real friends and definitely not worth worrying about. There will be some sort of party happening the following week anyway, yours will be forgotten about and it’s onto the next.

Yes it’s nice to have dessert, cocktails and a Chinese buffet but it is not compulsory!

Still thinking about the dude that said we should have unlimited alcohol at our wedding if we don’t want it to be branded as dull, what a fool!

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