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Just Forget It, All Men Cheat

all men cheat

There’s this often-repeated myth that goes something like this: “All men cheat.”  I hate that nonsense statement. I noticed that since I became engaged I have been receiving a lot of unsolicited advice, a lot more than when I was single & searching.  Out of 10 aunties, there is always that one or two that says that annoying statement ‘’all men cheat”. Saying that “all men cheat” lets men off the hook and reinforces untrue stereotypes about male and female sexuality.

The notion that “all men cheat” is a lie, its bullshit and it should not be accepted, it pisses me off sooo much!! I know men who have never cheated; I have uncles a father who has never cheated. All men do not cheat and my own will not cheat, call it being oblivious or naive that’s your cup of tea.

Someone even went as far as saying, if he is cheating on you just thank God he it just cheating and he isn’t beating you… what kind of sick twisted nonsense is that. That’s why you don’t take your naked eyeballs to the market, you go with God who will confirm if the guy is for you or not.

Real, God fearing men do not cheat; real men have self-control and don’t risk screwing up what they have for a brief few minutes in the sack with a woman. Real men treat people with respect, especially when it comes to the women they love. Real men are too busy living the life of their dreams to bother with excess. They are working on attaining all that it is that they want in life. A real man, a good man values love over a fleeting experience.

When you are in a loving, committed relationship with someone, there are far more layers of fulfilment than just sex. It’s not all about sex! I just can’t take how the world is being fooled by lust. Men can be monogamous if they want to be, people act like it’s an innate trait for men to cheat.

Above all, a good man is a God fearing man, who aims to do what is right, Shout out to the REAL Men!


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