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Mr Jack-of-all-Trade Wedding Vendor Limited


Uncle Tunde sent me a WhatsApp message this morning, I thought he was back to apologise about the drinks situation but to my surprise, instead he was contacting me to suggest we use one of his vendor friends from the office who is a photographer but also does aso oke and catering. Oh, he also bakes cakes and can print your wedding programme if interested, and if you’re really desperate he can do you small chops.  His name is Jack, his company is called of-all-Trade Wedding Vendor Limited’ .I had to find out what exactly my uncle Tunde was putting his vendor friend forward for…. Uncle Tunde said I should just use him for everything, he can cover all my wedding needs and he will not charge me at all.

Uncle Tunde, sir please your suggestion is coming too late there is just over a month to go, he said he knows that I shouldn’t worry, I can ask for payment back from any vendor we have already paid it’s not too late. Believe me when I say I have seen it all, heard it all, and experienced it all during this wedding planning stage. If this was a few months ago I would have jumped at Uncle Tunde’s offer because I wouldn’t want to offend him or seem like I’m disrespecting his offers.

Let’s face it if you are looking for a caterer, that’s what you ought to look for primarily. You need a caterer who is well reputed, never lets anyone down, has delicious meals when cooked for the masses and most importantly no one is left with food poisoning.

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I mean surely if you wanted to have a DJ it would make more sense to have someone who specialises in doing that as you would for venue styling and décor. Trust me, when you’re planning a wedding that’s the time your uncle, aunty and cousins will recommend their friends to be hired as vendors. One aunty sent me a text message around 2 am one day saying CALL ME DEAR URGENTLY URGENT!!! When i saw the URGENTLY URGENT I called her  immediately, only for her to ask who was doing the catering because she had someone in mind lol

Always remember one thing: The sweetness of a cheap price wears off far quicker than the bitterness of poor quality!

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