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Iyawo turned Iyawo Ile Just like that

Over the weekend we had a family surprise party to attend. This was our first Owambe as a couple since our wedding. I was excited to get out the house & party with family.

The night before I had set my outfit out, I decided to get an MUA to beat my face as well. The party started at 2pm however hubby and I rolled in 2 hours fashionably late. Rolling into the venue with my stunner shades & adjusting my ring I don’t actually know why I was feeling myself but I was.

We had missed the surprise so we sat down at the back and waited to be served – as you do. As we were waiting I decided to greet my family members, I approached my aunties and realised that the usual big smile & excitement wasn’t there this time. One of the aunties said – Bukola is this the time you should be coming for your uncle’s surprise party?

In my mind I thought, Hol UP! My name is not Bukola, I’m called Iyawo. Still with my shades on I apologised, she told me to remove my shaded because she couldn’t see me properly. As I removed my stunner shades she exclaimed …. Ehhh, so you even had time to do professional make up whilst all your cousins & Iyawo Ile’s have been here from 8am setting up & helping to serve.

All I heard in her sentence was Iyawo Ile…. SO my new Iyawo title don expire?! She told me to make my way to where they were and help out with the remaining service & coordination.

I removed my heels & gele but kept my shades on. I served my husband who had an idea of what happened and started laughing; he always tells me my shakara is too much.

My snapchat & Instagram story plans failed that day. I planned to sit pretty with hubby, makeup on fleek with the hashtag Owambethings, or with the caption- Saturdays are for Owambes.

By the time I had finished working, my whole body was exhausted. Gosh, who knew the Iyawo title & perks that comes with it had such a short shelf life. You mean to tell me I’m now an Iyawo le?

There’s another party next weekend, let me just kuku sleep there from Friday night… this life ehn

Before the Gele & Shades came off & I was feeling myself
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