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Iya Dolapo the bead maker


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Today is another episode of “WHAT I WANTED vs WHAT I GOT” This morning we are discussing,  Iya Dolapo the bead maker.

Every occasion in my family, Iya Dolapo has been the blessed mummy who makes the jewellery beads for the females in my family to wear.

Iya Dolapo is retired and moved back to the village a few years ago. She has one daughter who lives in America. Iya Dolapo is widowed so this is what she does to keep herself busy and make quick cool cash. Iya Dolapo is also an evangelist and does not believe in TV, Wizkid or the Internet. I love Iya Dolapo but I don’t love her beads anymore.

When I was 17-18 years old (a good 10 years ago) it was okay for me to wear beads made by Iya Dolapo because I had no choice then and I didn’t know better plus there was no Instagram or Pininterest for inspiration.

My aunty called me a few days ago and asked who was making my beads; I informed her that I already had everything under control. She was sha persistent and wanted to know who the person was and how much she was charging. I gave her answers to her questions and she said ‘ehhn anyway Iya Dolapo is waiting for you to send your design’.

From where to where, who told Iya Dolapo I was using her for my wedding? Why is she waiting for me to send her my design? Like seriously…. My Aunty had gone behind my back to make arrangements for Iya Dolapo to make my beads for me without even asking me.

After a lot of back and forth with my aunty and mum, I was told not to take food from Iya Dolapo’s table and allow her do my jewellery for the wedding.

I was told to send a picture of what I want to Iya Dolapo because she will apparently surprise me and will make the beads really well. I sent her this picture………:


Iya Dolapo sent a picture of what she created.

The funniest thing is, I have never met Iya Dolapo in real life.

The End!

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