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It’s been an intresting week for me

It’s been an interesting week for me; I’ve been down for a few days. I was Ill… not sure who to blame between Chicken Republic’s Citizens meal and Bay lounge’s grilled fish. I ate both of these the night before I got ill (night pictured in the image) Anyway I’m recovering & feeling better so that’s all that matters.

My friend is getting married next week I didn’t even bother asking for the aso ebi because I already knew it would be a killer price. I just sent her a random message just to ask her how things were going & if she needed any last minute help I would be more than glad to help her.

She told me she had everything under control but would love it if I could buy her asoebi. I asked how much & she responded with ‘You can afford it’ something told me not to accept because she could call a ridiculous price.

I politely declined & said I would prefer to wear the colour instead. She said I would be surprised with the price when I find out.

A week later a courier delivered a package. I wish I could post a picture, but because of obvious reasons I cant. Let’s just say the package looked like an invitation to Christ’s triumphant entry.  Drinks, sweets & souvenirs came in the package. The invitation was on a correct gold scroll. I opened the asoebi which looked beautiful and saw a N70k price tag.

I called her & asked if it was 70k, 7k or N700 she laughed & said 70k darling, you can afford it.

I told her I would have to return the material & wear colour of the day. She said no problem but access card invitation is only guaranteed for those who buy asoebi.

I got a message from her this morning  saying access card has finished meaning we cannot attend her wedding, She also included a link for live private streaming of her wedding for us who missed the opportunity, we can view her wedding online.

wow wow & wow

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2 thoughts on “It’s been an intresting week for me

  1. I echo your wow, wow and wow! If you have nothing to do on her wedding day, just grab some popcorn and watch the wedding show. On a serious note though, it’s sad that people try to monetize their wedding when it’s supposed to be a day of joy to share with loved ones.

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