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Involve your man in wedding planning


As so many brides-to-be know, it’s quite easy to get carried away with planning and accidentally leave your groom out of it all. I currently have that problem and it has gotten me into a bit of trouble with the mister. You can’t blame me though since we have been planning, mister man has not been really interested in all the detail, if I ask his opinion on anything he will say ‘You decide, you know best’

While he has helped in choosing big things (like the venue), his standard answer when I ask a questions is “whatever you want” or “I like all your ideas” which isn’t helpful to me oo  so I just accepted this is the way he is. However what I didn’t realise, is that he actually wants to be involved in the planning process even if he doesn’t make decisions he still wants to be carried along, after all it is OUR wedding day.

So a few days ago I booked this bad-ass wedding DJ without his knowledge and he later got to find out who it was and how much it cost. Bae felt like I undermined him and went behind his back to book the DJ because I know he would not agree for us to go ahead with this particular DJ (He is kind of right) That is how he started complaining saying, me I always do things without informing him, I booked this without informing him, I booked that without informing him etc etc.

This caused a little rift between us and I decided hence forth I will do the following:

  1. Talk to him about every and anything
  2. Support & encourage any of his ideas
  3. Give him special projects that cater to his interests
  4. Give Him Choices

Maybe I need to cut Mister Man some slack, I’m sure he’ll be more helpful in the wedding planning process than I think if I let him. That being said, I’m off to discuss with bae about the different pyrotechnics we will have on the day.

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